Primal Warriors Legacy, the latest action-packed online slot games from RealTime Gaming, is now available to be played on the Online Casino Games platform.

Players are whisked into the legendary kingdom where mythical warriors hone their fighting skills and await a worthy opponent who can showcase their martial prowess.

What are the Main Features of Primal Warriors Legacy?

Primal Warriors Legacy gameplay

Primal Warriors Legacy is a modern online slot game that uses a 5-reel, 3-row game board along with a fixed 25 payline system. Its betting range starts at $0.25 and has a ceiling of $12.50; this allows players to bet small and accumulate small wins that add up to their bankroll.

From a design and theme point of view, the game’s symbols are highly detailed and animated whenever any one of them lands on a winning combination. The game’s regular and special symbols depict formidable warrior monkeys that specialize in a specific fighting style, as well as fabled weapons and trinkets that include a dual spear with crystal tips, and an amulet made of pure emerald that contain untold power.

Primal Warriors Legacy’s regular symbol with the highest multiplier is the Red Monkey Warrior who wields a Chinese-inspired sword, while the second regular symbol with the second highest multiplier is a Monkey Assassin that uses a whip with sharp crystal blades attached on its ends. The Wild symbol is the strongest Monkey Warrior who is brandishing a powerful staff.

What are the Special Features of Primal Warriors Legacy?

Primal Warriors Legacy bonus wheel feature

As for its special features, Primal Warriors Legacy has two special slot machine features in Free Games and the Bonus Wheel. These features can be activated during a player’s spin, and each feature provides a significant advantage to the player’s potential winnings.

Free Games, as its name implies, grants players free spins when 3 or more Scatter symbols land on the game board. The number of Free Games depend on how many Scatters appear on the game board, and once this feature is active, any winning combinations that players get are added to the player’s winnings field.

Meanwhile, The Bonus Wheel is activated whenever 6 or more Bonus symbols appear on the game board. Once this is activated, players are given 3 re-spins, and each time a Bonus symbol appears on the game board, the re-spin counter is replenished. When the re-spins are all spent, the Bonus symbols accumulated on the board will all be added, and its collective value becomes the multiplier for the initial spin that started the Bonus Wheel.

What are Other Games Available on Online Casino Games?

With the release of Primal Warriors Legacy, Online Casino Games adds yet another amazing title in their ever-growing library of amazing online slot titles. Such online slot games use various themes and motifs to ensure players are immersed in vibrant worlds while they get winning spins that add to their respective bankrolls.

Such themes include the following:

Players can experience any one of these themed slot games by accessing the Online Casino Games platform. Each of these titles has a free and real version: the free version can be used to get players familiarized with the different online slot games’ mechanics and gameplay elements.

After practicing and getting acclimated with their slot game of choice, they can play the real version to give them the opportunity to win real money. This is done by creating an Online Casino Games account, and having it verified.

Once players’ OCG accounts have been verified, they can access the OCG real casino platform, and they can also utilize one of many OCG online casino bonus codes to maximize their bankrolls and bets once they start spinning those reels.

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