Cosmic Crusade Game Review

Cosmic Crusade Game Review

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  • Great space exploration theme
  • Free Games Special Feature grants more spins and potential winning paylines
  • Symbol multipliers give decent payouts
  • More Special Features would have been nice

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In this Cosmic Crusade online casino game review, you will the following information:

  1. Main Features
  2. Special Features
  3. Betting Range
  4. Payment Options
  5. Summary

Space is the final frontier, and for RealTime Gaming, their latest online slot game, Cosmic Crusade, has players explore the far reaches of star systems in search of valuable treasures in the form of space crystals and jackpots.

Apart from the prospect of landing winning paylines and the minor and major jackpots, does Cosmic Crusade bring other exciting and engaging in-game elements to keep players entertained? Does the game’s payouts per spin enough to send players to the moon and beyond in terms of winnings?

From its main and special features, and other in-game mechanics, here is the game review of Cosmic Crusade:

What are the Main Features of Cosmic Crusade?

Cosmic Crusade main features

Theme: in outer space where players are part of a cosmic crusader team that are exploring galaxies in search for precious space crystals.

Release Date: April 24, 2024

Number of Reels: 5
Number of Rows: 3
Paylines: 25
Jackpot: N/A

Min-Max Bet: $0.25 to $25.00 per line
Maximum Payout: 50,000 times bet per line per paid spin.
Free Games: Triggered when 3 or more Scatter symbols appear on the game board

Banking Options:
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Cosmic Crusade uses a 5-reel, 3-row video slot system, along with a fixed number of 25 paylines; the player cannot change the number of active paylines. When identical matching symbols appear consecutively on an active payline from leftmost to right, the player wins. Only the highest win on an active payline will be paid.

The game’s Wild symbol is a Planet. Whenever the Wild symbol appears on the game board, it can substitute for all other symbols for potential winning paylines. However, the Planet cannot substitute for Scatter symbols.

Speaking of which, the Scatter symbol takes the form of a Starship, and pays when they appear anywhere on the gameboard. Scatters are first multiplied by the total bet and then added to line wins. Moreover, when three or more Scatter symbols land, it triggers the Free Games feature that will be discussed in the Special Features section.

Cosmic Crusade also has an Autoplay function. As its name suggests, players can set how many spins they want automated, and once they place their desired bet and press the Autoplay, this function activates. Players can stop the Autoplay function at any time, but they cannot change their bets once it starts spinning automatically.

The game’s main features are pretty much what you would expect in an online slot game made by a reputable developer like RealTime Gaming. This equates to a seamless experience since the controls are easy to understand, and its other features are intuitive and do not impede on the actual gameplay.

What are the Cosmic Crusade Symbols?

Cosmic Crusade winning payline

Cosmic Crusade’s’ symbols and their corresponding multipliers are as follows:

Wild Symbol

5 = 2000
4 = 200
3 = 25
2 = 5

Scatter Symbol

5 = 50
4 = 20
3 = 2

Male Explorer

5 = 2000
4 = 500
3 = 25
2 = 5

Female Explorer

5 = 1500
4 = 250
3 = 20
2 = 5

Red Crystal

5 = 1000
4 = 125
3 = 15
2 = 3

Space Safe

5 = 600
4 = 50
3 = 10


5 = 600
4 = 50
3 = 10

A Symbol

5 = 250
4 = 25
3 = 5

K Symbol

5 = 250
4 = 25
3 = 5

Q Symbol

5 = 250
4 = 25
3 = 5

J Symbol

5 = 100
4 = 15
3 = 5

Number 10 Symbol

5 = 100
4 = 15
3 = 5

Meteor Symbol

5 = 100
4 = 15
3 = 5

For the special symbols, Wilds grant the highest possible multiplier, but this is given since they can substitute for all other symbols except Scatters. Speaking of Scatters, Cosmic Crusade grants the Starship Scatters with multipliers which is a nice touch, since they can also add to winning paylines instead of just hoping that players encounter 3 of them for the Free Games feature.

As for the regular symbols, The Male and Female explorers provide the highest possible multipliers, with the former having a 2000 multiplier whenever 5 of them appear on the game board and on a winning payline, while the latter gives a 1500 multiplier if 5 of them land on a winning payline. Third place goes to the Red Crystals that can give players a 1000 multiplier.

The rest of the symbols give similar multipliers: the Space Safe and Robot both have the same multipliers that max out at 600 whenever 5 of them land on winning paylines, respectively.

The A, K, and Q symbols all give the same multipliers as well, while the J symbol, the number 10, and the Meteor symbols provide the lowest multipliers.

Cosmic Crusade’s symbols and their multipliers cover a wide spread which allows players to win during their spins. Ideally, the main symbols players should aim for would be the special ones as well as the Male and Female explorers. However, the other symbols can also trigger other winning paylines, which is great for players, since their spins generally yield a win or at least breaks even.

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What are the Special Features of Cosmic Crusade?

Cosmic Crusade offers three Special Features. These are the Pick Feature, Free Games, and Progressive Jackpots. Here’s a quick rundown of what players should expect for these:

Pick Feature

Cosmic Crusade Pick Feature

Cosmic Crusade’s Pick Feature is triggered when 3 or more Scatter symbols appear on the game board. During the Pick feature, the player selects one of the many planets to reveal the number of Free Games awarded and the multiplier at which they will be played.

This feature is the precursor for the Free Games Feature. Players will need to get at least 3 Scatters to activate this feature, and the choices are randomized. This means that the next time you land another Pick Feature, the planet you’ve chosen before will have a different Free Games multiplier.

This is an interesting feature that keeps Free Games dynamic. Given that Cosmic Crusade gives players a minimum of 5 Free Games whenever they trigger them, having the option to add more Free Games is always a welcome mechanic.

Free Games

Cosmic Crusade Free Games feature

5 Extra Free Games are awarded whenever 3 or more Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the gameboard. Free Games are played at the bet amount of the triggering spin, and the bet cannot be changed. The Free Games feature ends once no more Free Games are remaining or when the maximum payout is achieved.

The Free Games feature is a standard for most online slot games. Having Free Games provides players with more chances of winning paylines, so this feature is always a great one to have.

Progressive Jackpots

Cosmic Crusade Minor and Major Progressive Jackpot

The Progressive Jackpots (Major, Minor, or both) can be randomly triggered during the Base Game. If the player wins either or both Jackpots, a banner will display their total Jackpot winnings. Progressive Jackpot wins are added to other wins. Random Jackpot contribution is no more than 1.5% of the total Return to Player (RTP).

Cosmic Crusade’s Progressive Jackpot provides another incentive for players to keep playing. The game allows players to win the Major, Minor, or even both jackpots following a spin, and their amounts combine to any of the winning paylines the player has accumulated for that spin.

The special features add complexity to Cosmic Crusade. As a result, each spin becomes more engaging for players, since they would be checking if they land Scatters or even nailing the Progressive Jackpots. That said, having more special features might have given even more immersion for players, since having Free Games can get stale.

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What is the Betting Range of Cosmic Crusade?

Cosmic Crusade has a decent betting range that starts at $0.25 and maxes out at $25.00. Like most modern online slot games, players cannot bet on a specific number of lines. Players who are keen on controlling how much they can bet on how many lines as part of their betting strategy might be disappointed that the betting range and lines are fixed.

That said, the fixed betting range helps newer players get more acclimated to the game’s mechanics, and it doesn’t severely limit the fun factor of each spin.

What are the Available Payment Options for Cosmic Crusade? payment methods

Cosmic Crusade offers various payment options available for players. These are only available for the Real Version of the game, and players need to sign up and register to start betting and earn good payouts.

Once players have deposited on their accounts, they can avail of the various bonuses and promotions that provide more spins and free games to help them get the most out of their bets.


With a fun space theme and progressive jackpots, Cosmic Crusade is a thrilling online slot game for all kinds of players. Giving the Wild and Scatter symbols multipliers adds more complexity and potential winning paylines to each spin.

If you’re looking for an exciting, galaxy-spanning online slot game that gives you big payouts and landing jackpots, then you should give Cosmic Crusade a shot.

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Cosmic Crusade online casino game FAQs

Is Cosmic Crusade free to play?

Yes, Cosmic Crusade has a free to play version. Players who want to experience the game's mechanics can check out the free version.

Can you win real money when playing Cosmic Crusade?

Yes, you can play real money in Cosmic Crusade. To do this, you need to sign up and register an account in Online Casino Games. Once you have done this and deposited your preferred amount to play, you can look for the real version of Cosmic Crusade and start betting and winning real money.

Can you win both major and minor progressive jackpots in Cosmic Crusade?

Yes, you can win both progressive jackpots in one spin.

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