Alien Wins Game Review

Alien Wins Game Review

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  • Simple yet enjoyable slot game design
  • Gameplay mechanics are easy to understand
  • Wild symbol Special Features grants more spins and potential winning paylines
  • Wild symbol can be hard to encounter at times

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In this Alien Wins online casino game review, you will the following information:

  1. Main Features
  2. Special Features
  3. Betting Range
  4. Payment Options
  5. Summary

Alien Wins is a quirky space-themed online slot game that sees players encounter and befriend a number of aliens as they traverse different planets. Each alien comes in many zany forms and sizes, but all of them are essential to helping players get the most of their bets whenever they press the spin button.

But does the alien assistance deliver on the winning side of online slot game experience? What are the game’s paylines, payouts, and betting range, and how do the special features add to the moment-to-moment gameplay?

With those in mind, here is the Alien Wins game review:

What are the Main Features of Alien Wins?

Alien Wins main features
Alien Wins main features table
Alien Wins utilizes a 5-reel, 3-row slot system. This game has a fixed number of 10 paylines, and players cannot change the number of active paylines to adjust their bets. Landing a winning payline happens when identical matching symbols appear consecutively on an active payline from leftmost to right. 

The game also has an Autoplay feature. To use this, players need to place their bets and pick how many times the game will automatically spin. Once the Autoplay feature is activated, players cannot adjust the amount they have initially wagered. If they want to change their bets, they need to stop the Autoplay. That said, players can stop the Autoplay feature at any time by pressing the “Stop” button.

Having only 10 paylines is an interesting choice, since modern online slot games typically have at least 20 paylines. This goes into the game’s mechanics, specifically with Alien Wins’ Wild symbol which we will discuss later on in the special features section.

What are the Alien Wins Symbols?

Alien Wins symbols

In terms of aesthetics, Alien Wins goes for a quirky and cartoony alien design that gives off a friendly, welcoming aura. Given that they represent the game’s regular symbols, their jovial faces feel like they are helping the players out as they populate the game board.

Here is the game’s paytable:
Alien Wins paytable
For multipliers, all regular symbols will activate winning paylines when at least three of the same ones line up left to right. The maximum number of regular symbols that can have winning paylines is five, and each one has corresponding multipliers.

The symbol with the highest number of multipliers is the Purple Planet, followed by the Red Planet. Meanwhile, the Blue Alien has the highest multipliers among all of the Alien symbols while the Red Alien offers the least amount of multipliers.

For special symbols, Alien Wins only has the Wild symbol that takes the form of a UFO. It can only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, and any symbol it substitutes pays the highest possible winning combination on a bet line, according to the pay table.

Alien Wins’ paytable offers a simple spread, with decent multipliers. Having less symbols in the game gives players more chances of landing winning combinations, so that is a plus for the betting aspect.

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What are the Special Features of Alien Wins?

Alien Wins has three special features: Morphing Wild, Bursting Wilds, and Cosmic Spins. Here is a brief rundown of each feature:

Morphing Wild

Alien Wins Morphing Wilds feature

One or more Wild symbols that appear on the reels have a chance to expand over the entire reel and award a Re-Spin. Any additional Wild symbols appearing on the reels during the Re-Spin expand and award another Re-Spin. 

During Re-Spins, reels covered with Wild symbols are locked while the others spin. Re-Spins end when no additional Wild symbols appear on the reels. At the end of Re-Spins, the total win is added to any wins from the triggering spin. 

Each Wild symbol awards a random Multiplier of x2, x3, x5, or x8. The Multiplier applies to the bet line win of the spin in which it was awarded as well as the Re-Spin.  If more than one Multiplier is awarded during the spin and Re-Spins, these are first multiplied by each other, then any bet line wins are multiplied by that result.

Alien Wins’ Wild symbols double as Scatters, rewarding players with Re-Spins whenever at least three of them appear on the game board. This results in more regular symbols appearing more frequently since the game has one less special symbol to worry about. That said, Morphing Wild is a great special feature that players should always aim for during their spins.

Bursting Wilds

Alien Wins Bursting Wilds feature

The Bursting Wilds feature can be randomly activated after a spin or a Re-Spin. When this feature is activated, 1 to 3 Wild symbols randomly land on reels 2, 3, or 4. During this feature, Wild symbols cannot land on top of other Wild symbols. 

Bursting Wilds is an excellent complement for the Morphing Wild special feature. Having a reel filled with Wild symbols greatly increases the chances of landing multiple winning paylines.

Cosmic Spins

Alien Wins Cosmic Spins feature

Cosmic Spins to guarantee the appearance of Wild symbols on reels 2, 3, or 4. However, activating this feature costs 10 times the bet for 1 guaranteed Wild symbol per spin and 95 times the bet for 2 guaranteed Wild symbols per spin.   

The Cosmic Spins feature remains active until the player deactivates it. If the game closes for any reason while the Cosmic Spins feature is enabled, it will be restored with this feature on.

If players are having a hard time to make those Wild symbols appear, they can use Cosmic Spins to ensure at least one will show up. The cost is a bit high, but in some cases, it is necessary to spend a bit more since having Wilds appear can make up for the additional fee players will shell out.

Alien Wins’ special features are designed well and make for a very coherent and enjoyable gameplay experience whenever any one or more of them are activated. They also bolster the players’ chances of winning.

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What is the Betting Range of Alien Wins?

Alien Wins’ betting range has a $0.10 floor and a max of $10.00. The betting values are relatively affordable: if you’re the type of player who likes to bet small but win big, Alien Wins has you covered.

What are the Available Payment Options for Alien Wins? payment methods

Alien Wins offers various payment options available for players. These are only available for the Real Version of the game, and players need to sign up and register to start betting and earn good payouts.

Once players have deposited on their accounts, they can avail of the various bonuses and promotions that provide more spins and free games to help them get the most out of their bets.


Alien Wins offers a simple yet highly entertaining and rewarding slot game experience. From its Wild symbol that pulls double duty as a substitute and a Scatter symbol that gives Re-spins, to the accessible betting range that won’t burn through players’ bankroll.

For players looking for a simple yet highly enjoyable online slot game that also rewards handsomely, Alien Wins awaits!

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Alien Wins online casino game FAQs

Can you play Alien Wins for free?

Yes, you can play a Free Version of Alien Wins. Click on the Load Free Play button located on the top of the page. However, you cannot earn real money when you play the Free Version.

How can you win real money in Alien Wins?

You can win real money in Alien Wins by signing up and registering an account to Online Casino Games. Once you've done this, you need to deposit your desired amount for your bankroll, then you can search Alien Wins on the Real Casino lobby. From there, you can now play and earn real money.

Can you use Online Casino Games' promotions in Alien Wins?

Yes, you can utilize Online Casino Games' slot game promotions in Alien Wins. However, you can access the different promotions by creating an account in Online Casino Games. Make sure to check out the Promotions page to determine which ones you want to activate when you're playing Alien Wins.

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