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The long lost treasures from South America’s jungles have fascinated developers and slot machine players alike for a long time, so Mayan Treasures is far from being a unique proposition theme wise. The game takes us to the jungle and shows us a mix of gorgeous tiny creatures and jewelry that the Mayans have created.

Playing Mayan Treasures is going to be possible via the 5 reels with 40 active lines that are available inside. The game will have exciting wild multipliers, free spins and scatter symbols, and that’s in addition to a payout of up to $10,000 coming from each top combination.


In what seems to be a standard move for Bally, Mayan Treasures will be using fixed lines. There are 40 in this case, requiring the use of 40 coins each round. The line bet is going to be modified by the player as needed, in order to reach a total amount that he can afford. The smallest setting available is $0.01, the highest one is $10. That will give you a betting range of $0.40 to $400.

Mayan Treasures Jackpot

There are two different symbols that will deliver the best wins of the game, each type of combination paying up to 1,000x, or $10,000. Given the number of lines available, the maximum potential of the game  is $400,000, or 1,000x the stake. Add the multipliers as well, and as much as $1,600,000 can be won from this game. It’s a huge potential and that’s the type of jackpot that we like to see.

The free spins are doing their own thing, prize wise, especially with the new Wild Multiplier icons appearing there. A combo of a Wild, 2x Wild, 3x Wild and two Free game Wild icons will pay 5,000x when it forms.

For a Bally slot machine, the RTP is another part that matches their usual style. Thanks to their presence in land-based casinos with slots that they also have available online, the RTP is usually lower. In Mayan Treasures, it’s been set up at 93.99%, a below average figure.

Special Features

Mayan Treasures has several features that should prove exciting, mostly revolving around multipliers and free spins.

Wild Symbols

These particular symbols will take the form of gold Mayan decorations, which have a Wild logo on them. Just like the regular symbols for which they are substitutes, the wilds are capable of forming winning combinations and rewards of up to $10,000 will come your way when this happens. It’s one of two symbols that will deliver that large amount.

Flower Scatter Symbols

The Flower scatters are usable as a way for you to get some exciting prizes. They multiply the total bet by as much as 100x if you get up to five Flowers visible, and that means a reward of up to $40,000 for you.

Free Games Bonus

In order to reach the free games feature, the requirement is for another set of scatters to appear. You can get them on the middle three reels and they will have the Free, Games and Bonus logos on them. As the feature starts, you receive an initial 5 free spins and a cash reward of 5x the stake. You may re-trigger free spins. Any Free Game Wild symbols showing up on the last two reels will trigger 1 extra free spin.

Additional wild symbols also come in the form of 2x and 3x multiplier wilds. The regular wild is on reel 1, the 2x wild on reel 2, while the 3x wild is for the 3rd reel. Free Game Wild icons are on the last two columns. If you have both a 2x and a 3x wild in a combo, the total multiplier is 5x for that win.


The theme is a popular Mayan one, and so what we see inside is going to revolve around jungle treasures that this particular civilization might have left behind. We see images of their idols, of gemstone and gold necklaces, but also of jungle frogs and butterflies. Other than that, there are mostly Royals and various feature logos available. The graphics are pretty good overall, certainly appealing enough not to be an issue for anyone that likes the rest of the game.


Quite a few things are great about this slot, from its big potential jackpots to the exciting features that you will encounter along the way. If it had a good RTP, it could’ve been impressive.

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