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For the most unique reel experience provided by RTG, we recommend the online slot game Cubee. This time travel adventure takes you into a unique world where you can travel to the Stone Age, Viking Age, and other areas to collect items to enhance gameplay.

It’s not typical reeled game, which makes playing even more fun! Check out the full review below to understand how this game works and what to expect.

Cubee Slot Betting Options

To play Cubee, you will need to use the plus and minus signs in the BET section to pick your wager per spin. The starting bet is $1, which will work for more low rollers. On the high end, the game offers up to $100 per spin. Select your wager and you are ready to play this unique title.

Cubee Jackpot Prizes

Because Cubee has a unique setup, the prizes you can win are a bit odd. You need any combination of defeated enemies or energy balls on the reels to earn a win. The prizes start at three of a kind and offer 0.50x the bet to 40x the bet for an eight symbol match. You need to match icons that are lower than Cubee’s power level to earn a win.

Special Features and Free Spins

Playing this game is a bit different from a standard slot title. You will click the spin button and the time travel portal will throw out floating enemies, weapons, and energy balls.

Cubee will then defeat an enemy that has a lower or equal strength level to his own. The default level of strength for each round is one. Any energy balls that come out of the portal will power up his strength by one level for the round.

Weapons you earn will reduce the health of Rocco and once he is defeated, you move to the next era of the game. Cubee starts with enough energy to defeat the green enemies. As you move up in power level, you can then destroy yellow, blue, and red enemies.

When you land in the piracy era, you can earn free games each time a cannon appears. Multipliers are also on offer in the Viking age, each time you see a bow and arrow.

Free games are then played with the multiplier you earn when you reach cubeeland. Rocco cannot appear in cubeeland so there is a better chance of earning higher payouts.


Load the reels of Cubee and you will find yourself in a cave. The portal is at the center with Cubee on your left and Rocco on your right. Rocco is a purple hair blue monster with a wooden club. He wants to fight you and stands in your way of reaching new worlds within the time portal.

Once you spin the reels, the time portal spins and you will see monsters, weapons, or energy cubes appear. With energy cubes, they power up Cubee once he eats them. He also eats any enemies he defeats which signals a win for you.

At the top left of the screen, you can see the trail to cubeeland. Keep spinning to defeat monsters and make your way to the unique land. The graphics and animations of this game are top notch and make reel spinning much more interesting overall.


If you want to play a slot game that is completely different from a traditional reel set with plenty of extra features, Cubee is a perfect option. RTG hit a home run with this title offering unique gameplay and interesting time travel elements.

Each monster has its own personality and Cubee is ready to defeat them. Try this title today to see how RTG created a new style of slot with fun features and exciting ways to win.

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