Beary Wild Online Slot Game Review

Beary Wild Online Slot Game Review

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  • Great betting range
  • Wild Free Game instances provide tons of free spins
  • Theme is quirky and fun
  • In-game animation is smooth and poppy
  • Free Game instances are hard to come by

In this Beary Wild Slot Game review, you will find the following information:

      1. Main Features
      2. Theme and Motif
      3. Special Features
      4. Betting Range
      5. Payment Options
      6. Summary

Beary Wild is the latest online slot game that is available to play on This slot game sees players accompany a wily bear who is hankering for some sweet honey, be it inside beehives or inside tree trunks. Amid the bear’s quest for the honey, it will encounter a myriad of forest flora and fauna.

As far as gameplay and payouts, how does this online slot game measure up? Here are some key points and highlights of Beary Wild to help you decide whether to play it or not.

What are the Main Features of Beary Wild Online Slot Game?

Number of Reels: 5

Number of Rows: 3

Jackpot: $1000
Paylines: 20 Min-Max Bet: $0.20 to $20.00 per line
RTP: (information to follow) Bonus Round: That is triggered by landing three or more BONUS scatter symbols on the reels.
Theme: Forest wilderness where a bear is looking to eat some honey from either a beehive or a tree trunk. Maximum Payout: win per paid spin is 40,000 times bet per line
Release Date: February 28, 2024 Banking Options:

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Beary Wild is a standard 3-row by 5-reel online slot game. It has a fixed number of 20 paylines that the player cannot change. In terms of in-game mechanics, players can get two types of Free Games options: the standard Free Game and Wild Free Game. These are activated whenever 3 or more symbols that correspond to Free Game or Wild Free Game appear on the game board.

What is the Theme and Motif of Beary Wild?

Beary Wild bee payline

Beary Wild has a simple theme: there is a bear that’s searching for honey. The game uses smoothly animated symbols on their reels to keep the immersion as light-hearted as possible. When players manage to get a payline with beehives and tree stumps filled with honey, these provide the highest prizes.

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There are also bees, flowers, and wooden alphabets that complete the reel images. All of them are neatly animated, and the sound effects are not too intrusive whenever a player gets a winning spin.

What are the Special Features of Beary Wild?

Beary Wild has two Special Features that help it stand out from the other online slot games, in the form of two different kinds of free spin variations. These are called Wild Free Games and Free Games. These can be activated when players spin the correct number of symbols that come out of the reels.

Wild Free Games

Beary Wild Free Game feature

The Wild Free Games, as the name suggests, reward players with Free Games when they manage to spin three or more Wild symbols. Once they activate the Wild symbols, players will choose three beehives which contain how many free spins they will have. The number of free games are 15, 20 or 25, respectively.

During the Free Games mode, all prizes are tripled, and the During the free games all Paw Free Games symbols are changed to Bear or Beehives. Once the Free Games mode is done, the player will get all money they won from the spins and add it to their balance.

Free Games

Beary Wild free game feature

Beary Wild has another way for players to get free spins in the form of the Free Games mechanic. To get this, players need to land three Bear Paws or more during a spin at any reel. Once they get at least three Bear Paws, they are awarded with 10 free games,

During the course of the 10 Free Games, all prizes are doubled, and players will get all prizes from winning spins once the Free Games counter reaches zero. Free Games is retriggered whenever any 3 or more mixed scattered Bears and/or Paw Free Games appear.

Progressive Jackpot

Beary Wild paylines

Beary Wild has a Progressive Jackpot that can be randomly triggered during the Base Game.

If the player wins the Jackpot, a banner will display their total Jackpot winnings. Progressive Jackpot wins are added to other wins. The random Jackpot contribution is no more than 1.5% of the total Return to Player (RTP).

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The Progressive Jackpot is not available in the free version of the game. Players who want the chance to win the game’s jackpot need to sign up and register first, and deposit the necessary amount so that they can play the Real Version of the game.

Among Beary Wild’s special features, the Wild Free Games is the best one player should try to get. The number of free spins gives players more chances of winning per spin.

What is the Betting Range for Beary Wild?

When it comes to the betting range, Beary Wild provides players with an affordable minimum bet, and a sizable maximum bet. The minimum bet players can wager to spin is $0.20, while the maximum bet is $20.00.

The minimum bet provides an affordable floor, and players can bet more by increments of $0.10 until $2.00. If players want to bet higher than $2.00, they can do so: from $2.00, the bets increase to $5.00, $10.00, and $20.00.

The betting range is the same for the Real Version, and players who sign up and comply with the deposit requirements stand the chance to win Beary Wild’s progressive Jackpot at any time during their real-version session.

What are the Available Payment Options for Beary Wild? payment methods provides a number of payment options for players who play and have won in the real version of Beary Wild.  Players can use Visa or Mastercard to set up their accounts. For players who want to use cryptocurrency, accommodates cryptocurrency listed above.

Promotional perks are available to players who sign up and register their accounts for more free spins and other bonuses to other games available on the


With a fun and quirky theme, decent paylines, and affordable betting range, Beary Wild is a good online slot game for players to experience. The animation is smooth and fun, while the sound effects give more immersion without being too intrusive.

Beary Wild online slot game

Having the option to start spinning with $0.20 is great, as it means more spins for players who play the real version. The progressive jackpot that can be won in the real version entices players to spin some more to win it.

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FAQ Beary Wild

Is Beary Wild free to play?

Beary Wild is an online slot game that has a free version and a real version. The Free version can be played by accessing and searching for it.

How can I win prizes when playing Beary Wild online slot game?

Players need to sign up and register at After complying with the required deposit, players will have access to the real version of Beary Wild. Playing the real version will require players to bet money they deposited, and have the chance to win big prizes.

What kind of slot game is Beary Wild?

Beary Wild is a is a 3-row, 5-reel online slot game that has affordable betting ranges, and sizable prizes. Players help out a hungry bear get some honey from beehives or tree stumps.

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