Panda Magic Game Review

Panda Magic Game Review

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  • Fun All Ways Pays payline feature
  • Great Special Features
  • Higher betting floor than other online slot games

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In this Panda Magic online casino game review, you will the following information:

  1. Main Features
  2. Special Features
  3. Betting Range
  4. Payment Options
  5. Summary

It’s time to enter the world of magical pandas on the reels of this uniquely fun and engaging slot game by RealTime Gaming. Panda Magic includes a panda wizard that is ready to help you land magical symbols on the reels to build winning combinations. The game includes an assortment of magical symbols and imagery that includes potions, mushrooms, and a wizard hat.

But amid all its mystical and magical trappings, does Panda Magic deliver in what matters most – winning big payouts and an enjoyable online slot experience? With that in mind, here is the Panda Magic online slot game review:

What are the Main Features of Panda Magic?

Panda Magic main features

Number of Reels: 5

Number of Rows: 4

Jackpot: N/A
Paylines: 1024 All Ways Pays Min-Max Bet: $0.50 to $25.00 per line
RTP: TBD Free Games: That is triggered by landing three or more Scatter symbols on the reels.
Theme: A Panda magician that’s using his mystical prowess to create magical scenarios that help players gain more winning paylines. Maximum Payout: 2,000 times bet per line per paid spin.
Release Date: N/A Banking Options:

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Panda Magic is a 5-reel, 4-row online slot game that has a unique winning payline mechanic wherein All Ways Pays. Here all symbols behave like scatters, and the matching icons must land on adjacent reels to pay. The position of the symbols do not matter, so long as they land from the leftmost side of the game board to the rightmost side.

The Panda Magic sign is the game’s Wild symbol. This counts as all other symbols, including the Scatter. One unique mechanic this Wild symbol has is that whenever it appears on any reel, there’s a chance that the Panda Magician will transform it to cover the entire reel it is on.

Meanwhile, the Scatter symbol is the Magic Ticket in Panda Magic. These symbols can be used as paylines, and Scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet. Moreover, the Scatter symbols trigger the Free Games special feature.

The Wild and Scatter symbols in Panda Magic come as standard much like in most online slot games. However, the tweaks of the game’s Wild symbol that allow it to substitute all other symbols greatly affects the experience of players who spin. This equates to more chances of players getting good payouts. 

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What are the Panda Magic Symbols?

Panda Magic symbols

Here are the symbols players will encounter when betting for spins in Panda Magic:

Symbol Multiplier
Panda Magic Wild 2 = 10

3 = 100

4 = 300

5 = 1000

Magic Ticket Scatter 2 = 1

3 = 2

4 = 10

5 = 250

Red Panda with Green Energy Ball 2 = 5

3 = 50

4 = 100

5 = 300

Owl Reading Panda’s Spellbook 2 = 5

3 = 25

4 = 50

5 = 200

Wizard Hat 3 = 10

4 = 30

5 = 125

Wizard Tower 3 = 10

4 = 30

5 = 125

Spellbook 3 = 5

4 = 15

5 = 100

Crystal Ball 3 = 5

4 = 15

5 = 100

Gold Amulet with Emerald Gem 3 = 5

4 = 12

5 = 80

Red Wax Candles 3 = 5

4 = 12

5 = 80

Green Potion 3 = 3

4 = 10

5 = 75

Sentient Mushroom 3 = 3

4 = 10

5 = 75

Panda Magic’s highest multiplier symbol is the Panda Magic Wild symbol, followed by the Magic Ticket Scatter. These are special symbols, though, but it is nice to see that they still count as a multiplier while also possessing their respective in-game triggers to affect the game board.

For non-special symbols, the Red Panda with the Green Energy Ball has the highest symbol multipliers. For the rest of the non-special symbols, most of them give better multipliers whenever they appear on the reels and comply with the left-to-right payline mechanic.

Meanwhile, the lowest-paying symbols are the Green Potion and Sentient Mushroom, each only giving 3x whenever three of them appear on a spin.

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What are the Special Features of Panda Magic?

Panda Magic Feature

Panda Magic Feature gameplay

Panda Magic is the game’s premier special feature. This is triggered whenever the Scatter symbol appears on the reels. Revealing three or more Scatters will determine how many Free Games the player will get. Players will choose one of the Scatter symbols to get either 20, 25, or 30 Free Games.

During the Free Games special feature, all wins are doubled, and the More Magic Feature may trigger at random. Moreover, players can also get extra Free Games during this special feature.

More Magic Feature

Panda Magic More Magic special feature

Before any Free Game, the Panda Magician can trigger this special feature. With the wave of his magic wand, he can add 1 or 3 more extra Wild symbols to each reel, expand Wild symbols into a whole column, or all these combined. The More Magic Feature allows for fun winning spins for players, especially when this is triggered during the Free Games feature.

Auto Play Feature

Panda Magic also has an Auto Play feature similar to most online slot games. Players can pick how many spins the game will play, and how much they want to bet before the Auto Play would spin the reels. Once the Auto Play starts, players cannot adjust the bets they placed. However, players can stop the Auto Play feature at any time.

All three special features of Panda Magic makes for an excellent slot game experience. Each time a player will place their bets and spin feels like they can trigger any of these to increase their payouts. More Magic is a great special feature that allows for more potentially winning paylines.

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What is the Betting Range of Panda Magic?

Panda Magic has a betting range that starts at $0.50 and maxes out at $25.00. Compared to other slot games, the betting floor of Panda Magic is rather high, but its betting ceiling doesn’t break the bank too much either. 

That said, conservative players or those who are using slot machine techniques to maximize their bets and spins might need to adjust their gameplan when playing Panda Magic.

What are the Available Payment Options for Panda Magic? payment methods

Panda Magic offers various payment options available for players. These are only available for the Real Version of the game, and players need to sign up and register to start betting and earn good payouts.

Conventional Payment Options

Payment Options Minimum – Maximum Deposit
Visa Minimum $20 / Maximum $1000
Mastercard Minimum $20 / Maximum $1000


Payment Options Minimum – Maximum Deposit
Bitcoin Minimum $10 / Maximum $10,000
Bitcoin Cash Minimum $10 / Maximum $10,000
Ethereum Minimum $10 / Maximum $10,000
Tether USDT Minimum $10 / Maximum $10,000
USD Coin Minimum $10 / Maximum $10,000
Litecoin Minimum $10 / Maximum $10,000
MoneyGram Minimum $10 / Maximum $10,000

Players who successfully sign up can also avail of the different bonuses and promotions to increase their winnings when playing Panda Magic.


Panda Magic gameplay

If you enjoy magic themed online slot games and panda bears, then Panda Magic by RTG is a game you must try! The slot offers everything you need for an enjoyable experience including quality graphics and animations, free spins and wilds. 

Choose from a wide betting range of $0.50 to $25.00, giving players plenty of wiggle room when it comes to betting. Experience the magic today by giving this unique online slot game a try!

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Panda Magic online casino game FAQs

Is Panda Magic free to play?

Panda Magic does have a free version that players can access to familiarize themselves with the in-game mechanics. But for those who want to play Panda Magic for real money, they have to play the real version. This can be accessed by signing up and creating an account.

What type of reels does Panda Magic have?

Panda Magic employs a 4-row, 5-reel setup. This is part of the game's mechanics since it uses a All Ways Pays system for its paylines. Along with its other special features, players can get the most of their bets and spins whenever they play this online slot game.

Does Panda Magic have a progressive jackpot?

No, Panda Magic doesn't have a progressive jackpot.

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