Tiger Treasures Game Review

Tiger Treasures Game Review

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  • Excellent Betting Range
  • Great Paylines
  • Auto Play Feature
  • Tiger Wild symbol mechanic can be hard to pull off

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In this Tiger Treasures online casino game review, you will the following information:

  1. Main Features
  2. Special Features
  3. Betting Range
  4. Payment Options
  5. Summary

Tiger Treasures is an exciting online casino game from RTG that sees players play slots while inside a Chinese forest. They are not alone in the forest: the mythical tiger is on the prowl, and whenever it shows itself, many say that it is a good omen for intrepid players looking to get winning spins.

Apart from the flora and fauna that call the forest their home, what else does Tiger Treasures deliver when it comes to the gameplay and online casino experience? Does it bring something new to the table?

With that in mind, here is the Tiger Treasures online casino game review:

What are the Main Features of Tiger Treasures?

Tiger Treasures online casino game review a spin with a Tiger symbol

Number of Reels: 5

Number of Rows: 3

Jackpot: Progressive
Paylines: 20
Min-Max Bet: $0.20 to $20.00 per line
RTP: 95%
Bonus Round: That is triggered by landing three or more BONUS scatter symbols on the reels.
Theme: A Chinese forest that the mythical tiger calls its home. 
Maximum Payout: win per paid spin is 50,000 times bet per line
Release Date: April 8, 2022
Banking Options:

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Tiger Treasures uses a 3-row, 5-reel slot game setup. This is one of the popular online slot game designs since players can have a general idea of what to expect or look for per spin. Symbols that have the highest payouts are the Red Gem, Panda, Butterfly, and Red Flower. Meanwhile, the alphabet and number symbols are arranged from the most paying to the least paying: A, K Q, J, 10, and 9.

The eponymous tiger is this game’s Wild symbol. Playing to its elusiveness, it only appears at the second and fourth reel, and it acts as a substitute for all other symbols, except for the Scatter symbols. When one or more tigers appear on the reels, the player’s prize is tripled when they land winning paylines.

Speaking of paylines, Tiger Treasures have 20 payline combinations that can be activated only from left to right. If a player has more than one win on a single spin, the total amount of your winnings is added and displayed in your winnings field, then it will be added to your balance.

Another main feature of Tiger Treasures is the Auto Play function. Players can place their desired bet and number of spins that range from 5 to infinite spins: they can turn this feature off at any time once they have set it. The Auto Play is good feature that provides players the convenience of not pressing the spin button each time during their game session.

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What are the Special Features of Tiger Treasures?

Tiger Treasures have the following special features to keep each spin exciting:

Free Games

Tiger Treasures online casino game review a sample of a Free Games mode

The game’s Scatter logo is a Chinese symbol. When a player spins and manages to land at least three of these symbols, they are given Free Games. The number of Free Games range from 5 to 25, based on the number of Scatter symbols that appear on the reels from Left to Right or Right to Left.

During the Free Games mode, Tigers are added to reel 3, and more Tigers may appear on reels 2 and 4. The feature can be re-triggered, and Free games are played at the lines and bet of the trigger game.

Getting Free Games is always a welcome event, since free spins give more chances for players to land good paylines that will add to their bankroll. One of the best reasons why Free Games are exceptional is it enables the appearance of Tiger Wild symbols to appear in more reels. This equates to more potential paylines that players can win. 

That said, landing Free Games falls under good RNG, and oftentimes players need to have a long session to activate this awesome feature.

Tiger Treasures Jackpot

Tiger Treasures online casino game review a winning payline

Tiger Treasures has a Progressive Jackpot that can be won at the conclusion of any game. The jackpot is triggered randomly and is added to all other wins. To get the chance of winning the jackpot, players need to sign in and register to play the real version of Tiger Treasures.

Play and Experience the Special Features of Tiger Treasures Here

What is the Betting Range of Tiger Treasures?

The betting range for Tiger Treasures starts at $0.20 and maxes out at $20.00. Incrementally, players’ bets start at $0.20, and once the bet hits $2.00, the succeeding bet jumps to $5.00, $10.00, then finally $20.00.

Given the tight betting range, players who are used to conventional slot machine methods when it comes to betting might need to adjust their online casino strategy when playing Tiger Treasures.

What are the Available Payment Options for Tiger Treasures?

OnlineCasinoGames.com payment methods

Tiger Treasures offers various payment options available for players. These are only available for the Real Version of the game, and players need to sign up and register to start betting and earn good payouts. Payment methods include the following:

Conventional Payment Options

Payment Options
Minimum – Maximum Deposit
Minimum $20 / Maximum $1000
Minimum $20 / Maximum $1000


Payment Options
Minimum – Maximum Deposit
Minimum $10 / Maximum $10,000
Bitcoin Cash
Minimum $10 / Maximum $10,000
Minimum $10 / Maximum $10,000
Tether USDT
Minimum $10 / Maximum $10,000
USD Coin
Minimum $10 / Maximum $10,000
Minimum $10 / Maximum $10,000
Minimum $10 / Maximum $10,000

Promotional perks are available to players who sign up and register their accounts for more free wins and other bonuses to other games available on OnlineCasinoGames.com.


Tiger Treasures is a straightforward online casino game that players, both new and old, can play and enjoy. The in-game mechanics are what you’d expect from a 3-row, 5-reel online slot game, and it’s highly entertaining whenever the Wild symbol appears and improves the chances of hitting various paylines. Its Special Features add more excitement to each spin, since these give players the opportunity to win big payouts.

For players who wish to experience a fun online casino game with pandas and tigers, and the prospect of good payouts, they should check out Tiger Treasures.

Check Out the Real Version of Tiger Treasures Here

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Tiger Treasures online casino game FAQs

How much should you bet when playing Tiger Treasures?

It depends on your bankroll. Check the minimum and maximum bets Tiger Treasures offers, and decide whether those bets work with the money you are working with.

Does Tiger Treasures have a progressive jackpot?

Yes, Tiger Treasures has a progressive jackpot. Players can win at any time when they are playing Tiger Treasures, but they need to play the real version to get the real money payout.

Is Tiger Treasures worth playing?

Yes, Tiger Treasures is a good online casino game that's worth playing, especially for players who are looking for a slot game that has a low betting range. If you're a conservative player who wants to spend as little as possible, Tiger Treasures is a great option for you.

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