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Money Mad Martians is one of those games that will use money in association with a random theme, even though there is no way for the two to belong together. It’s not unusual at all for a slot though, to mix wealth and whatever random topic is covered, and thankfully it ends up working well in Money Mad Martians.

Up to $125,000 could be yours while you’re playing Money Mad Martians, provided that you’re investing enough to get that big of a return from the slot. The game gives you 10 active lines each round, it spins 5 reels and its best winning combinations pay 250x. It also has some features that you could trigger, such as Shuffling Reels, scatter symbols, a Pick Me Bonus and from there you could reach the Asteroid Bonus as well.


In typical Barcrest manner, you have a maximum bet of $500 that you may use, which is going to cover only 10 active lines. The resulting maximum bet per line is $50. It’s only the top bet though, and as little as $0.10 can be spent to get the 10 lines active each time you play the game. These betting options are found in the bottom left corner.

Money Mad Martians Jackpot

Look out for the Cosmic Cash symbol, which you may use to form combinations and get paid up to 250x back. It’s a line stake multiplier, which should give you at most $12,500 for a combo. For 10 active lines, this gives the game a maximum potential of $125,000.

If we check out the RTP, we find once again that it hovers just above 95%, a figure that we often see quoted for Barcrest slot machines. This doesn’t make them top choices in online casinos, where the majority of the new releases will start at 96%, but they’re not too far away either.

Special Features

You will not encounter wild symbols in this game, and the other features aren’t quite standard options either, so that in addition to the unique theme does turn this into a fairly interesting slot machine.

Shuffling Reels

An interesting feature, though a random one, the Shuffling Reels may trigger at the conclusion of a spin where you didn’t get any wins. The game can turn the losing spin into a winning one, by shuffling the reels around to get you at least one combination.

Pick Me Bonus

Reaching the Pick Me Bonus stage of the game will require for the Bonus icons to land scattered on all the reels that they’re allowed on. There are three columns that will get them, the first, middle and last ones. Your pick here will take you to one of two possible outcomes, the Asteroid Bonus or the Stake Multiplier.

Asteroid Bonus: you see an asteroid field here, where you have two dozen rocks to choose from. Picking one gets you a martian or a multiplier value, with the Planet Bonus being a possibility only for your first pick. Getting a martian will reveal what hides under the surrounding asteroids. The feature is over when you’re out of picks or when you’ve uncovered all asteroids.

Planet Bonus: if your first pick of the Asteroid Bonus triggered the Planet Bonus, you will get a feature in a new screen, with planets flying by and eventually stopping on one to get you a bonus prize.


It’s a slot with a unique theme, I’ll give it that, even as the cash element is not very visible in the design. For the most part, you’re looking at a space themed slot, with green aliens riding their tiny flying saucers in space. Several logos are used as well, with the majority of the symbols revolving around Royals. It’s fun thanks to its cartoon style aliens, but mostly you’re getting the usual average Barcrest release.


The theme of Money Mad Martians might make it interesting to try out, and the features can help as well for a while, but the RTP doesn’t recommend it as a long-term choice.

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