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A Night in Paris by Betsoft – Slot Machine Review

A beautiful cinematic-style slot machine like only Betsoft used to do, A Night in Paris will follow a robber in his attempt to steal works of art from a museum, along with a security guard that’s trying to stop him. It’s a game that has a lot to offer visually, with plenty of animations and movies to enjoy, and it’s built to tell a story.

While playing A Night in Paris, you are using 30 lines over 5 reels. You might get a progressive jackpot in exchange for your efforts and investments, or you might get a payout of up to $1,500 per winning combination. Other elements that you can expect to find and enjoy in this game include the scatters, a Chase Free Spins mode, a bonus game called Caught in the Museum which has the story of the heist unfolding, as well as instant cash prizes.


There are several ways for you to influence the value of the bets that will activate each round. Going from left to right, the options shown at the bottom are for the coin denomination, the number of lines and the bet per line.

You select between 1 and 30 active lines, you decide to have 1 to 5 coins used on each one, and then the denomination is set between $0.01 and $1. That gives you a wager as small as $0.01, but it can make the jump to $5 per line, or $150 total.

A Night in Paris Jackpot

Ideally, you would win the game’s progressive jackpot, which is typically in the five-figure range. You get it via combinations of the Security Guard symbols, so it’s not a random event. The value of the payout is influenced by the coin value. You only get the progressive jackpot when 5 coins are used per line.  Additionally, the jackpot may be won only when the combination is formed on one of the first three lines. Otherwise, the Security Guard pays 500x the line bet (up to $2,500).

Special Features

The game doesn’t make things simple, and tends to rely on features that are not found in quite this form in other slot machines. It makes those features its own, and that’s something to be appreciated.

An easy way to get paid will be via combinations of three types of symbols, when they appear on the lines 1, 2 or 3, consecutively. The three symbols that can be combined this way, and get you an instant prize, will be the Security Guard, the Badge and the Thief.

Chase Free Spins

The Badge with the French flag on it will be one of the game’s scatter symbols, and the one that will lead you to the game’s free spins. The requirement is simple enough, you only need to have 3+ symbols visible on the reels to get the feature. In exchange, the game will give you 5+ free spins, based on the number of triggering icons.

You will have the thief being chased by the security guard and the dog, the reels spinning each time they go across the screen.

Caught in the Museum

This one is a bonus game, and you will trigger it once again via scatter symbols. This time, the triggering symbols are the ones showing paintings of Napeoleon. In this feature, we have the thief entering the museum. Clicking on a piece of art will reveal a prize. Look out though, the guard will try to find you.


The theme is based on the story of an art heist, taking place at a museum in Paris. The thief and the museum’s security guard are the main characters in this story, with the guard’s dog being part of it as well. It’s one of the great slot machines that Betsoft has released, one of their 3D titles which helped set them apart in the last couple of years. The games in this series use videos and animations, and try to tell actual stories, in many cases funny ones.

Looking at the involved symbols, the ones you will see include the security guard, the thief, the dog, but also paintings, badges, statues, urns, along with images from Paris (a couple in love, doves, Eiffel Tower or croissants).


If you want to play a game where the visuals play a big role, there are few out there that can compare with the slots released by Betsoft, and A Night in Paris is definitely a looker.

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