Planet of the ‘Roos Slot Game

Planet of the ‘Roos Slot Game Slot Review

  • Win: Players can still win as much as 75,000x the stake.
  • Free Spins: Trigger: Land 3, 4, or 5 Scatters anywhere in view. Free Spins: 5, 7, or 10 Free Spins triggered based on the number of Scatters. Feature Dynamics: Reels 2-4 merge into an Oversized Symbol Reel, spinning simultaneously with reels 1 and 5.
  • Tournaments: No

In the following review you will find, Planet of the ‘Roos Slot Game:

      1. Features and Gameplay
      2. Hold and Spin Feature
      3. Free Games
      4. Special Symbols
      5. Variety of Bonus Prizes
      6. Summary

The ‘Planet of the ‘Roos Slot Game’ is a vibrant and engaging slot game with exciting features and catchy graphics. As a fan of Online Casino Games, I was curious to try this one out, and I was impressed by the variety of bonuses and attractive prizes it offers. The gameplay is smooth, and the theme is both unique and entertaining. The standout feature for me was the interactive bonus rounds, which added an element of fun and excitement to the game. Overall, the ‘Planet of the ‘Roos’ is a must-try for slot game enthusiasts.
The brains behind this game is the software provider Real Time Gaming, pulling players into a thrilling adventure filled with fun and excitement on a 5×3 grid with 25 paylines.

Planet of the 'Roos Slot Game Review

Planet of the ‘Roos Slot Game Review

Exciting Slot Game Features and Gameplay

As a happy user of the “Planet of the ‘Roos Slot Game”, I can confidently say that this slot game is a gem among online casino games. With its 5×3 format and 25 lines, the gameplay is engaging and offers plenty of opportunities to win big. The theme of this slot game, set in the Australian outback, is unique and keeps players entertained for hours on end. For players in the USA, this slot game is a must-try, as it is one of the best slot games available in the market. Its smooth gameplay and attractive graphics make it a top choice for those looking to play at online casinos. In my experience, this slot game has provided endless entertainment and lucrative wins, making it the best online casino game I’ve come across.

5×3 Board, 26 Lines

Planet of the 'Roos Slot Game Review logo

Planet of the ‘Roos Slot Game Review logo

Hold and Spin Feature – Planet of the ‘Roos Slot Game

Hold and Spin is an exciting feature that can be found in the Planet of the ‘Roos slot game, which is a popular online casino game. This feature is triggered when 6 or more Bonus symbols appear anywhere on the slot, and it awards the player with 3 re-spins, during which the triggering Bonus symbols are held in position. Any new Bonus symbols that appear during the re-spins will also be held in position, and the number of remaining re-spins resets to 3. At the end of the re-spins, all prize values and/or jackpots displayed on the Bonus symbols are awarded to the player, adding an extra level of excitement and potential winnings to the game. Players love the Hold and Spin feature as it adds a new level of anticipation and thrill to the gameplay, and it can result in some big wins for lucky players. Whether you’re a seasoned slot game enthusiast or new to the world of online casinos, Hold and Spin is definitely a feature to look out for when playing the Planet of the ‘Roos slot game.

Get Free Games on Planet of the ‘Roos Slot Game!

I have been thoroughly impressed by the “Planet of the ‘Roos” slot game. The feature where 3 Scatter symbols trigger 5 Free Games with oversized symbols spinning on designated reels offers a truly engaging gameplay dynamic. The additional 3 extra Free Games awarded when 3 Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the gameboard keeps the excitement level high and the potential for big wins within reach. This game is a must-try for anyone looking for an immersive and rewarding slot game experience.

If you’re a fan of exciting slot game features and gameplay, then you’ll definitely want to check out the game review for Planet of the ‘Roos. This slot game offers a range of betting options and features that will keep you entertained for hours. One of the most top features of this game is the Free Games bonus.

Trigger 3 Scatter symbols trigger 5 Free Games with 3×3 oversized symbols spinning on reels 2, 3, and 4.
Extra Games 3 extra Free Games are awarded whenever 3 Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the gameboard.

Special Symbols with Planet of the ‘Roos Slot Game!

How does the Wild symbol contribute to the overall excitement of the Planet of the ‘Roos slot game? What makes the Free Games feature triggered by the Scatter symbols so appealing to players? Can the Bonus Prize Multiplier offered by the Coin symbols lead to substantial winnings? The Planet of the ‘Roos slot game stands out as a top choice in the slot game category, offering players a thrilling gaming experience. The Wild symbols play a crucial role in creating winning combinations, while the Scatter symbols unlock the exciting Free Games feature. Additionally, the Bonus symbols provide an opportunity for players to increase their winnings through the Bonus Prize Multiplier.

Special symbols play an important role in adding excitement and potential wins to a slot game, and the Planet of the ‘Roos Slot Game is no exception. In this thrilling online casino game, players will encounter a variety of special symbols that can help them on their journey to big wins. The Wild symbol is particularly valuable, as it can substitute for all symbols except Scatters and Bonus symbols, increasing the chances of creating winning combinations. Meanwhile, the Scatter symbol, represented by a dome, can trigger 5 Free Games when three of them appear on reels 1, 3, and 5. And let’s not forget about the Bonus symbol in the form of a coin, which comes with a Bonus Prize Multiplier. With these special symbols in play, players of the Planet of the ‘Roos Slot Game can look forward to an even more thrilling and rewarding gaming experience. So, get ready to spin the reels and see how these special symbols can help you win big!

Symbol Description
Wild Substitutes for all symbols except Scatters and Bonus symbols
Scatter Appear only on reels 1, 3, and 5. 3 Scatter symbols trigger 5 Free Games.
Bonus Appears with a Bonus Prize Multiplier
Planet of the 'Roos Slot Game Review logo

Planet of the ‘Roos Slot Game Review logo

Variety of Bonus Prizes at Planet of the ‘Roos Slot Game

Have you tried playing the Planet of the ‘Roos slot game at an online casino? You’ll be amazed to know that this exciting slot offers a range of bonus prizes that can significantly boost your winnings. With a plethora of bonus prizes available, you can multiply your rewards by 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, or even by the MINI prize of 10x. With some luck, you could also win 14x, 16x, 18x, 20x, 24x, or hit the MINOR bonus for a whopping 30x increase. And if fortune truly smiles upon you, you might even strike the MAJOR prize, giving you a remarkable 100x boost to your earnings. So, why not test your luck and see if you can snag one of these enticing bonus prizes today?

Planet of the ‘Roos Slot Review: Summary

The ‘Planet of the ‘Roos Slot Game’ by Real Time Gaming offers a vibrant 5×3 slot adventure with 25 paylines, set in the Australian outback. Packed with engaging features, including Free Games triggered by Scatters and a thrilling Hold and Spin feature, this game stands out for its unique theme and smooth gameplay.

Key Features:

  • Free Games: Triggered by 3 Scatters, offering oversized symbols and additional Free Games for extra excitement.
  • Special Symbols: Wilds for enhanced winning combinations, Scatters for Free Games, and Bonus symbols with a Prize Multiplier.
  • Hold and Spin: Activated with 6 or more Bonus symbols, providing 3 re-spins with held symbols and potential jackpot rewards.
  • Bonus Prizes: A variety of multipliers, including a MINI (10x), MINOR (30x), and a MAJOR jackpot (100x), adding significant value to wins.

In summary, the ‘Planet of the ‘Roos’ is a must-try for those seeking a rewarding online slot experience with a unique twist.

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Planet of the 'Roos Slot Game FAQ

Can you describe the basic features of this slot game?

The Planet of the 'Roos slot game features a 5x3 grid with 25 paylines. It includes special symbols such as wilds that substitute for all symbols except scatters and bonus symbols.

What are the symbols to look out for in this game?

This game includes symbols such as wilds, scatters represented by a Dome, and bonus symbols represented by a Coin. The scatter symbols only appear on reels 1, 3, and 5, and when 3 of them are triggered, they award 5 free games.

How do I trigger the Free Games feature?

The Free Games feature is triggered by landing 3 scatter symbols, represented by a Dome, on reels 1, 3, and 5. This awards the player with 5 free games, offering an extra opportunity to score big wins.

What is the significance of the Bonus symbol in this game?

The Bonus symbol, represented by a Coin, appears with a Bonus Prize Multiplier, providing players with a lucrative chance to win additional rewards during gameplay.

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